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There’s not one single imprinting technique that fits all apparel.  At Grow Marketing  we have a vast array of equipment, and the expertise, to choose the imprinting method that best suits the material, design, desired look, feel, color profile, etc.   See how we help make your vision come to life through:

We offer:

  • Screen Printing
  • Direct to Garment Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Vinyl



If brand building is part of your apparel program, Grow Marketing can help.  Depending on your goals, apparel type, order quantities, etc. We can assist you by providing private labeled products.

We offer:

  • Hang Tags
  • Inside Label
  • Garment Design & Sew
  • Garment Sourcing


Grow Marketing can assist you in all levels of retail or wholesale packaging.  We have the resources to perform all phases of packaging including adding hang tags, removable adhesive branding or size labels, fold, bag, etc.  Your product leaves our facility ready for merchandising. 

We offer:

  • Individual Bagging
  • Website Development
  • Blind Shipping & Return Service


At Grow Marketing we have the experience and expertise to assist you in all phases of order fulfillment and shipping.  Each week we ship hundreds of packages around the country and the world.  Whether you sell online or through wholesale channels, we can work with you and your team to seamless inventory, pack and ship products directly from our facility to your customers.


Grow  Marketing has our own in-house staff to assist you in putting together the marketing collateral you need to sell more product.  We can help with a full range of marketing collateral from live model shoots to social media ads, and a full range of finished art solutions.


One size fits all doesn’t normally work in apparel and it certainly doesn’t fit most business needs.  Whether you are a  civic organization, gift shop, boutique, brick and mortar retailer, wholesaler, or online marketer, your needs are as unique as you are.  At Grow Marketing we can work with you to provide the exact products and services tailored to help your business grow more profitably.


Knowing what to do and how to do it, is essential in today’s fast paced imprinted apparel environment.  At Grow Marketing we know our business inside-out, and have the hands-on experience to help you implement your apparel plan quickly, efficiently and profitably. We know there’s more to selling imprinted apparel than printing.  Total single source apparel solutions; that’s the Grow Marketing difference. 

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